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“Is it humiliating to bring meals to work every day?”

This is a question on Zhihu, and more than 5,000 people have responded, most of them talking about the benefits of bringing food.

In fact, people who order takeaways every day admire those who insist on taking food to work every day. The food they cook saves money, is healthy and hygienic. They can do what they want every day, and they can rest assured when they eat.

If you order takeout for an hour every noon and don’t know what to eat!

If you are worried that a takeaway diet high in oil and salt is unhealthy, eat a meal that is apprehensive!

Why don’t you join the Pack? Oneself TAKE RICE TO save MONEY, health, sanitation THREE have both, determined the MIND THAT TAKE rice to work, and need to pay attention to what problems?

Post time: Oct-13-2022